100 Large Square Bales 3x3x8 of grassy hay, perfect for dry cows, beef or horses. Baled dry, not rained on and kept in shed. Can load with skid steer, no delivery. $120 per bale, cash only.
Round Bales5 by 5, Grassy Mix, First Crop HayStored Inside, Twine WrappedBaled with 556 John Deere$100 a BaleLocated between Woodman and Mount HopeCall at
I have 4x4x8 Big Squares of western hay,,,94.13 dry matter,, crude protein 21.59,,RFQ 163,,Quartered for easy feeding,,bales run 1800-1850$300.00 per bale call
Small bales of hay for sale.Baled on June 8thMostly Alfalfa mixMosa certified organicBaled dry and stored in barn$.25 a bale discount for pick ups of at least 100 bales.Can deliver for $25 and $2.50 a loaded mile.Joe
AlfalfaGrass Hay mix for sale. Small square bales 60-70lb baled and put in the shed on 682019. With the weather this year it has been tough to make good hay, but this crop was cut and raked during the perfect conditions Dry, no mold, and minimal dust. Asking $5.00 per bale. 707 bales available. Calling or texting is preferred, but will respond to email as well Located in Lewiston, MN.
60-75 feet of antique vintage sisalhemp 1 inch diameter Hay Rope. Originally used to lift loose hay and hay bales into the loft of an Iowa Barn in the early to mid 1900s. Use it to decorate your basement, rec room, bar, or eatery.Not recommended for any actual tensile loading due to its age. In fine, visual condition. Always stored indoors.
HUGE 6x6 high moisture grass hay. Twine tied and in line plastic wrap. Made in advance of the rain for beautiful green hay with a slight fermented smell. Currently feeding to horses, beef, and sheep. Over 3 times the feed as a 4x4 bale, and your small skid steer will not move them Not recommended for the back of a truck$300 per bale, cash only 2000sDelivery is $2 per mile to the end of your dri...
For Sale - we have 10 2018 2nd crop alfalfa and grass mix bales and we have 5 2018 3rd crop bales. Baled dry, net wrapped, stored inside, no rain. Weigh approx. 1300-1400 on second crop, 3rd crop are a little heavier. $140bale for 2nd crop, $155bale for 3rd crop. baled with john deere 569 baler, good hay for beef,horses small calves Will load. Call , no texting please.
Large 3x3x8 square bales of 2nd crop hay for sale. Excellent dairy quality hay. Baled dry, stored inside, No Rain. Asking $120 per bale. Call . Cash or certified check only
For Sale - New Holland 256 5 bar hay rake. Rubber teeth. Spent over $400 on gear box a couple of years ago. Stored inside as long as we have owned it. Good condition. Asking $1200. Call , no texting please.
Hay, straw and cornstalks for sale. Call, text or email Clinton for prices and availability. Everything is delivered on our trucks. Right now we have 3x4x8 straw balesAlfalfa 100 Rfv - 185 RFV 3x3x8, 3x4x8, 4x4x8Straight GrassCornstalks in 3x4x8 and 4x4x8 bales
2018 late cut grass hayNo rainThese bales were made in perfect conditions and wrapped the same day as balingThe bales were wrapped dry because of no shed space5 wide x 70-72 tall 60 available Will load your trailer Call