Offering three boxesbag of paperback books. Asking $10 each or all three boxes for 30 over 24 books per box. Most if not all are from 1990 or earlier. At the time I was reading mostly SF and some fantasy so boxes are over 90 in thoses genres.Science Fiction SF Fantasy Intital contact on CL for additional information.Raymond
Roughly 150 books for tweens and up, some fantasy, some biographies, many series including the 39 clues, brotherband chronicles, swindle...if the ads up its still available
This the original manual written by Fisher for use at Chevrolet dealers. It covers 1937 only, and covers only Chevrolet cars. Find out how to work on the body of your car with repair instructions which are different from what you will find in your shop manual. 42 pages
1939 and 1940 Fisher Body Manual Service and Construction - Foreword The immediate purpose of this manual is for education use in the body shop and trade school. It reveals the inner construction and correlation of parts, together with the correct parts names of the Unisteel Fisher Body as used on the 1939 and 1940 body models.
Excellent materials I have several books, ebooks, etc. that I purchased and read, I am selling, over $570 worth.Very insightful, clear, and modern new info, all within 1 years old, very pertinent for self sufficiency.Books and topics include How to survive an economic collapse 50 Items to Stockpile before a disaster How to purify and store water Building a Cellar American Natural Shelters Aquap...