2 Single Shot Shotguns for sale Camo 16ga 20ga gun(La Crosse, WI)

Selling 2 single shot shotguns. One is a Stevens 20 gauge, and other is a ives/johnson 16 gauge. Both were in great physical condition but blueing was poor as well as wood finish. I do film dipping (camo dipping at www.filmdipping.com) and so I refinished these guns so the new owner would have a great looking inexpensive gun. I charge $130-160 to refinish a gun so you are paying me for the camo job and getting the gun for free. Both guns shoot great, and everything is in perfect working condition. Prices are firm. $175 for 20 gauge, $150 for 16 ga. $300 for both. Cash only Private sale. Call me 608-525-HUNT.