Desperately need an air conditioner for my family and I. We can't even stay in our home it's so hot, I've basically moved back into my moms home, its been between 95- 105 in my apartment for over 2 weeks now. Please anything will help.
Looking for gender neutral baby clothes, toys, equipment, etc
hello! i am looking for a tall flower/garden box. my 82 year old mum is moving next to me so that i can care for her :) mom loves chives...i would love to plant some for her to watch grow out her window!
5-Jun-2018Delaware, IA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Willing to travel
Searching for a small bookcase. If anyone knows of one for free, that would seriously be amazing. Thank you so much!!!
Looking for a dorm room type mini fridge. I thought someone might have one they're not using anymore.
I am in need of a small flat tv for my bedroom. I just got a CPAP machine, and in order for inse to pay, I'm stuck on it every night, I could use a little tv to ease my anxiety. Added bonus if it has a sleep timer.
I am looking for Trekking poles that you are no longer use....or would let me borrow for a week while I hike out West in Mid June. Please....let me know if you have poles. They will need to be telescoping or folding since I am flying with them. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH
I am looking for a twin size bed and mattress for my daughter. Delivery if possible would be greatly appreciated, as I don t drive.
Does anyone have a bike in decent shape/ condition they would be willing to donate to our child? We lost her bike in our recent move. With summer break coming up, this would help keep her active and healthy
18-May-2018Delaware, IA(13 miles)Items Wanted
I am a new mom who wants to take a chance at sewing clothes for my daughter and sons.
Looking for moving boxes in LaCrosse or Monroe counties.
My SO is a semi-disabled veteran who has had a stroke during bypass surgery and needs a form of excercise. Walking is difficult for him and his physical therapist and cardiac rehab therapist both say he can ride a bicycle, provided it's a stable one like the big adult-sized trikes. We simply cannot afford a new one. If anyone has an adult-sized tricycle, we'd surely appreciate it.
If anyone has 1 or 2 large porch pot type containers that they aren't using, I would love them. Can pick up in the LaCrosse/Ona area
Looking for a LP tank for a gas grill.
Hey everyone I'm hoping someone has some laundry detergent and fabric softener they don't mind parting with. I've been put in a position in which I have to wash all of me and my daughters clothes and after bills and necessities, and not expecting my current situation I don't have enough detergent or softener (is very necessary due to extremely hard water and my daughter had a bad reaction to vi...
In need of better queen mattress. One I have I can feel box spring through and it's killing my back.
Looking for moving boxes in good shape, (broken down is just fine as long as they are good and strong!), and plastic totes if anyone has any extra. Thank you!!! Andrea
Anybody got a headset w/ mic they want to get rid of? Thanks!
26-Apr-2018Delaware, IA(13 miles)Items Wanted
I am attempting to build a library at the nursing home where I work.
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