I knit mittens for elementary kids and blanket squares. Small odds and ends will do as stripes are in and even if they are not we are just after staying warm. Thanks
Our family is in need of: laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. Any help is appreciated
Women size 10/Medium OR Boys size 18. Small holes OK. Thanks!
our pool ladder is too small for our larger guests. Thanks!
Does anyone have a fan or two they aren't using? We would appreciate anything to keep our family (including a young child) cool, during these humid days. Yep of us have asthma and this heat is killer
hello! i am looking for a tall flower/garden box. my 82 year old mum is moving next to me so that i can care for her :) mom loves chives...i would love to plant some for her to watch grow out her window!
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